Cat feeder uses facial recognition, monitors your cats’ eating habits

Cat feeder uses facial recognition and monitors your cats' eating habits

Source: Bistro

Cat feeders go high-tech with facial recognition and related smartphone app.

One of the first signs of illnesses in cats is not eating. In fact, cats are so good at hiding symptoms of illnesses and diseases that sometimes it’s the only way we know when our furry friends are not feeling well. If we spend any time away from home, perhaps at a job, there’s also the chance that we’ll miss even this sign that something is amiss, particularly in a multiple-cat household. Enter Bistro, the first cat feeder that can not only identify each cat in your house via facial recognition, but will also alert you when kitty isn’t eating or drinking.

Not only does Bistro allow you to monitor your cats’ feeding and drinking habits, but you can also determine if you’re over or under feeding your kitties. If so, Bistro also allows you to adjust food portions so that she only gets what she needs. Bistro also has a camera that lets you watch your cat eat when you’re not home. Is your feeder in a dark room? Don’t worry, Bistro has soft LED lights that won’t blind your delicate kitty’s eyes, but still allows the facial recognition software and camera to work. And it does all this through your home wi-fi network.

Bistro is available via its Indiegogo project for just $159 for single cat households (with no facial recognition). If you have more than one cat, though, $199 will net you the full-featured model of the feeder that even comes with a laser pointer to keep your cats entertained when you’re not home.

Source: Indiegogo

Author: Robin Burks

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