Revitalizing SciTechNerds

SciTechNerdsIt’s been almost a year since we last posted to the site. A lot of our writers got busy and just didn’t have time to write for here, including myself. I plan on changing this.

With this revitalization, I want to be sure that we’re focusing not just on the Science and Technology part of the name, but also the nerdy/geeky stuff too. So in addition to science and technology news, images of the day, and other tidbits, expect to see stuff regarding nerdy things – movie trailers, reviews of books and movies, and other fun stuff.  I’m also looking into a cosplay photo of the week.

As always, if you’re interested in writing for the site, please send us a private message via our Facebook page with a sample article and what topics you’d be interested in covering on a regular basis.

We look forward to revitalizing the site with everyone.

Author: Grace Snoke

Grace Snoke is a corporate journalist who enjoys gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making. Outside of her day job, she writes for a number of sites including: Video Game, Obsolete Gamer, and for a couple of her own blogs: Social Media Marketing Tips and Hints and Kayhynn Turns the Page.

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