Suicide Squad’s Official Trailer #1

Released by Warner Bros. Pictures Jan. 19, this is the first time the movie really clicked for me. The other teaser trailers just didn’t do it.

Check it out below:

With this trailer we get a brief glimpse into Harley’s origin story, which seems to be the version of the Joker dropping her into a vat of toxic sludge then fishing her out. We also get to see more of the other members of the Suicide Squad, including Will Smith’s character, Deadshot.

Quick paced action set to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, what’s not to like?

I have to admit that until this trailer, I wasn’t so hot about Suicide Squad, though I do have to wonder if this isn’t DC’s attempt to answer to Marvel’s Deadpool (there’s no competition there, just for the record, Deadpool has it hand’s down).

I think it will be interesting to see how this movie pans out alongside the other releases this year. It’s a great year to be a comic book nerd.

Author: Grace Snoke

Grace Snoke is a corporate journalist who enjoys gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making. Outside of her day job, she writes for a number of sites including: Video Game, Obsolete Gamer, and for a couple of her own blogs: Social Media Marketing Tips and Hints and Kayhynn Turns the Page.

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