It’s official! The Dark Tower to begin production

This morning I woke to a wonderful post on Facebook by Stephen King. While speculation and rumors have been rampant and no official confirmation as to if Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba were officially cast and if production was starting or not for the past few months, the confirmation came this morning:


For fans of the book, we all know this is how the book begins and according to several reports, the movie will begin the same way – in the middle of the story.

I started The Dark Tower series while I was in high school and made it through the first two books, waited impatiently for the third book, then waited even more impatiently for the rest of the books. Then life kicked in after the third book and I haven’t had a chance to revisit the series and finish them. With this announcement, I think it’s time to do so.

Elba has been cast as the role of Roland Deschaine, the gunslinger. While there is some controversy over this casting decision amongst fans, I think Elba will do an amazing job. McConaughey has been cast as Walter Padick, the gunslinger’s nemesis and perhaps better known as Randall Flagg. The two actors are already in character, as seen by their tweets this morning:

What do you think about these two powerhouses being the stars of The Dark Tower series?


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