About Us

Source: www.knowyourmemes.com

Source: www.knowyourmemes.com

We love science, technology and every subject associated with them.  With the recent closure of DVICE, a conversation started on Facebook with a vague thought of creating a science and technology blog.  The idea churned until a further conversation happened via private messages and we became convinced that we could do this.

Thus SciTechNerds.com was born.

We went further with the idea and decided we wanted to try our hand at not using traditional CPM advertising to generate funds for our writers and instead, use crowd based funding through Flattr.  Flattr allows our readers to “tip” our writers per article by “Flattring them”.  To Flattr the site, or our writers, you must have a Flattr account.  Learn more about this on our “Flattr Us: Support No Ads” page.

All of our writers are established authors, journalists and/or bloggers, whether they were already writing on science and technology or on other subjects, who have a love for science and technology.  Some are just now trying their hand at science and technology articles while others have been writing about it for years.

We cordially invite you to read, share and help us grow.

TLDR; in the words of Jesse Pinkman: “Science, bitch!”